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Introduction to Cell Med Clinics - The Future of Medicine Today

Cell Med Clinics' team is on the cutting edge of regenerative medicine including performing adult stem cell therapies part of FDA reviewed Investigative Review Board program protocols. Our doctors integrate useful elements from western allopathic medicine, anti-aging medicine, naturopathic medicine, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, and other useful integrative health sciences to create comprehensive pre and post stem cell therapy treatment plans that help improve stem cell therapy results.

Every patient is truly unique. Our patient care approach is personalized. Our team has successfully treated people from all walks of life with a wide variety of challenges including improving and extending careers of golfers, baseball players, football players, hockey players and other performance athletes. 

Regenerative medicine, including stem cell treatments and other advanced immune system therapy, is the future of medicine; we are helping document why. We are gathering scientific data, performing studies, and participating in FDA reviewed Investigative Review Board programs to help benchmark and advance the effectiveness and safety of adult stem cell and other regenerative therapies.

Our whole person wellness approach starts with proper assessment. This new patient assessment procedure is foundational to developing your personalized care plan. We explaining your program objectives, the suggested treatments, the frequency of treatments, and the resulting budget impact. 

Each patient receives a customized treatment protocol and plan following their personalized assessment and diagnosis. Each customize plan includes evidence based regenerative therapies including adult stem cell therapy if indicated.

Patient care management will soon be assisted by our custom and proprietary Electronic Medical Record and Patient Care Management system that allows patients and their medical team to access medical records from anywhere in the world.


Monitoring patient condition is also a hallmark of our clinical practice philosophy. We are committed to a true wellness relationship with every patient. Our VIP Member program also provides an array of support and coaching services to aid patients in achieving wellness objectives.

We compliment, not replace, your existing medical team. Most of our patients have both primary care physicians and specialty practitioners. We have a network of top experts across all areas of medicine and refer patients when indicated to competent high integrity professionals. We are constantly expanding our professional network, and look forward to meeting and working with your medical team.

Stem cell therapy is merely one tool in our tool chest. Frankly our experience and research does not support a conclusion that stem cell therapy is appropriate for every patient. We are concerned about and do not agree with the emerging trend of promoting stem cell therapy as effective for nearly any disorder or condition despite increasing evidence that adult stem cell therapy may have general anti-aging benefits.

Some of the other tools in our wellness chest are appropriate for nearly all patients serious about health and minimizing need for drugs and surgery. Our Scottsdale, Arizona integrative medicine clinic incorporates all cell medicine products and services allowable under current US law, including adult stem cell therapies compliant with FDA Investigative Review Board rules and regulations. 

In addition to leading anti-aging medicine, our Arizona CellMedTM regenerative medicine clinic treats a wide range of diseases and disorders.

Our therapies are not substitutes for your primary and specialty physician care; they are complimentary therapies proving very effective for many patients interested in comprehensive wellness practices.

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